Which Program is Best for Me?

AHA Phil has a wide range of programs, designed to match every student’s present status and qualifications, learning objective and career goals. These programs, certified by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) allows different levels of qualification in Commercial Cooking, ranging from Commercial Cooking NC I, NC II, NC III and NC IV. The following information should guide you in choosing the program that will take you to where you want to go.

Why Commercial Cooking – NC II (Culinary Arts)?

The six-month Commercial Cooking – NC II (Culinary Arts) is the right choice for those who want to build a career as a professional chef in the food service industry. With a National Certification Level II on Commercial Cooking by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), this program equips students with the fundamental skills and techniques on cookery. Students are then exposed, through intensive hands on culinary training, on various cuisines which include Asian, European, and American cuisines. After being honed in the classroom for four months, the students then undergo local internship training to gain additional culinary knowledge and at the same time have an understanding of the hospitality workplace.

Why Commercial Cooking – NC II (Culinary Entrepreneurship)?

For those budding entrepreneurs who have passion toward engaging in the food service business yet do not know how, the eight-month Commercial Cooking – NC II (Culinary Entrepreneurship), accredited by TESDA for NCII Commercial Cooking, is the best program of choice. Alongside with the regular six months culinary arts program, students will continue to study for two more months to gain managerial and business competencies modules. Entrepreneurial subjects include courses on market research, conducting feasibility studies and preparation of a business plan, catering/banquet management, purchasing and cost control.

Why Commercial Cooking – NC II (Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship)?

A hybrid program offering from AHA Philippines, this six-month/eight month culinary arts program provides an intensive hands-on culinary training for students. After the six/eight month training, students will then have the chance to do a paid summer work experience in the USA in partnership with AHA USA based in Hilton Island, South Carolina.

Why Commercial Cooking – NC III-IV?

This program is made especially for high school graduates, college transferees, or those who want to become a chef. With an integrated mode of learning where hands-on competencies in culinary arts go hand in hand with liberal arts education through a balanced combination of general education courses, this program creates a strong foundation for future hospitality professionals.

To further enrich students’ culinary education in this program, students undergo a multicultural international experience in the hospitality workplace through a 6-month international internship in AHA partner hotels in the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia.

Options after graduation from Commercial Cooking – NC III-IV:

  • To be employed or start your own business, and continue to develop yourself professionally through practical training and short , specialized culinary courses.
  • To be employed or start your own business and later on, continue your studies towards a a related bachelor’s degree.
  • To continue towards a bachelor’s degree immediately after graduation , and eventually be employed or start your own business.