To be able to teach effectively, one must have the necessary tools to do so. Here at AHA Philippines, we make sure every student gets only the best when it comes to culinary education by providing them with modern and top-of-the-line facilities.

AHA Philippines is based in Finman Building, along Tordesillas Street in Salcedo Village, Makati. Its facilities are equipped with the latest institutional kitchen equipment. Each campus has its own Demo Kitchen, Working Kitchens, Preparation Kitchen, Classroom and Mini-Library.

Finman Campus

AHA Philippines is well equipped with all the necessary facilities for culinary training. These include:

The Demo Kitchen

The FIRST culinary school in the Philippines with a theatre-style demonstration room patterned after top US and European culinary schools. This allows maximum viewing of cooking demonstrations.

Fitted with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The Kitchen Laboratory

12 kitchen stations with top-of-the-line institutional kitchen equipment.

Kitchen stations are designed to allow efficient work flow and maximum space utilization for students during classes.

The Preparation Kitchen

A separate kitchen designed for stock and mis-en-place preparation and meat fabrication.

Pots and pans washing area.

The Class Room
Complete with modern audio-visual facilities for effective learning.
The Mini Library
Stocked with relevant and updated books and reading materials providing the perfect venue for research, studying and small-group discussions.

The campus is also equipped with modern kitchen facilities conducive for culinary training. It has state of the art kitchen stations and a theater style demo room.

Teaching Restaurant

A fully functional restaurant, Upper East restaurant serves as restaurant laboratory and training venue for AHA students. Students get to learn the operation of a restaurant through placement in its different areas which include service and kitchen.