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For over 25 years AHA has specialized in developing thousands of students worldwide for employment and leadership positions in the hospitality industry. AHA’s academic and professional development programs have been specifically designed for students and industry professionals who aspire to manage and lead effectively in the 21st century. Our programs give you the competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s global marketplace. What’s our Secret? Visit the World Campus today to find out.

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Intro to AHA

AHA’s global classrooms and international faculty brings the world to you. See how AHA’s inspiring and engaging teaching methods compare to traditional classrooms.

eCampus “EduNet”

Global Education Networking

eCampus provides a unique learning experience through global education networking that can not be taught in traditional classrooms. Students experience a real international environment where discussions and activities simulate the daily challenges of managing in today’s diverse workforce. Read More

Why Online Learning?

Achieving E-xcellence

Traditional classrooms are having a challenging time keeping students interested using the same old book. Online learning is one way of keeping educational discussions interesting by using a variety of online tools and applications.