P50,000 Discount!

Great News from American Hospitality Academy Philippines!

P50,000 discount on the 1 1/2 year Associate Degree in International Culinary Arts/Associate Degree in Culinary Arts/ADICA/ADCA program.

P30,000.00 discount on the 6-month Diploma in Culinary Arts/8-month Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship programs!

Minimum Requirements:
- Must have finished at least high school level of education
- Mode of payment must be outright full cash payment
- Must enroll on or before May 15, 2014

Tuition Fee:

Course Original price Price offered % of discount
1 ½ ADICA/ADCA Program ₱378,500.00 ₱328,500.00 ₱50,000 (13.21%)
6-Month Diploma in Culinary Arts ₱278,500.00 ₱248,500.00 ₱30,000 (10.77%)
8-month Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship ₱318,500.00 ₱288,500.00 ₱30,000 (9.42%)

*includes the P12,500.00 non-deductible and non-refundable reservation/application fee
*does not include the P1,200.00 Physical and Psychological Exam fee

Tuition fee includes:
- ingredients
- 2 sets of uniform (Chef’s jacket, pants, skull cap, apron)
- imported Mercer brand knives
- textbook

Conditions of the promo:
1. Promo period runs from April 23 up to May 15, 2014
2. Promo does not apply to those who opt for installment as a mode of payment
3. Amount paid shall only be refundable up until the first week from the official start of classes.

*ACF Diploma Accredited Program

Per DTI-NCR Permit no. A2-0471 Series of 2014