Six Years of Providing Great Chefs

Chef Irma Policarpio

DCA Batch 2007
Kitchen Manager/Sous Chef
Laudico Bistro Filipino
“AHA has taught me many things, from the basics of cooking to the complexities of the culinary world. In AHA, you get the best of both worlds. You are trained not only to be good in cooking but also to be a great chef. The hands-on activities and projects along with the reputable instructors have made me who I am today. I became a chef because of my love for cooking and AHA helped me reach, if not exceed, my potentials. They taught me that there is no age limit when it comes to passion. Now, I am a consultant to several restaurants and bars around the metro. …and I have AHA to thank.”


Chef Romel Alvar
DCE Batch 2006
Food and Beverage Manager

¬†Randall’s Island Golf Center
Manhattan, New York
“AHA is the reason why I am successful today and I give thanks for that. And with AHA, I found my second home.”



Chef Giney Villar
DCE Batch 2007
Chef and Co-owner
Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant
“AHA teaches its chefs-to-be that while there will be great rewards to a successful chef-ing career, one will have to work VERY hard, be dedicated and disciplined. That it is not a career for those who cannot humble themselves in the face of criticism, or those who think that a glamorous TV career awaits them after graduation. AHA keeps it real. You will burn and cut yourself many times, make stupid mistakes when you are pressed for time, and maybe miss your own party. But your AHA training will pull you through because they made sure to keep your education real.”


Mon Urbano
DCE 2007
Co-founder/Chef Consultant
MonDay Chefs
“I commend AHA for molding me to become what i am right now… As a consultant, i was able to apply what i’ve learn from AHA’s teaching… Thanks AHA!!!”



Melanie San Pedro
AHA Batch July 2007
Trois Toques Catering and Food Service
“My knowledge and path; ups and downs; success and culinary achievements are because of AHA. I am glad I found AHA!”





Theodore Day Salonga
Culinary Consultant/Co-Founder
MonDay Chefs
COOK Magazine Contributor
“Studying at AHA brought me discipline and skills that fueled my culinary conviction. The culinary arts and entrepreneurship program created a path to my culinary journey of extraordinary proportions, both on professional and personal level. The Instructors are there to communicate their knowledge and their know-how enabling students to confront real situations in the field of hospitality. My AHA training was the most inspiring educational experience of my life– AHA provides key elements to success!”